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     planned to assassinate the queen.”            “But, Sir,” John mused, “How would they know     which section of the palace was which?”            Jacob shook his head.  “I don’t know.  But to slip     past our sentries they must know a lot.  We must find out     what they were up to.  We’ll have to get an interpreter. ”            “But what purpose could the Esconodians have in     assassinating the queen?” John asked.            Jacob shrugged.  “I don’t understand all of the     political games.  I am, after all, just a Captain of the     Guard.”            The sun broke into full view above the mountain.     The birds started their song, welcoming the new day.  As     the sun’s rays spread across the valley, the fog dissipated     before its warming rays.            The clatter of pans could be heard in the palace     kitchen as the servants started preparing breakfast.  From     the village below the palace a rooster could be heard     crowing.  People were starting to walk across the     courtyard, busily hurrying to their assignments.            “Sir, our shift has almost ended,” John said.  “Would     you like to join us for some refreshment?”            Jacob shook his head.  “Maybe later.  Right now I am     studying about Plato’s paradox of knowledge.  He says     either we already know what we are looking for, in which     case we don't need to look, or we don't know what we're     looking for, in which case we wouldn't recognize it if we     found it.  He shares the idea...”                                        5
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