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comrades dealt with this Royal Guardsman. But he was more than they bargained for. He drove the three of them back with the swift movements of his sword and kicks with his feet, ducking every advance. As the other three assassins were forced to fall back, their leader muttered another curse as he was forced to draw his own sword. Tiring fast, the single Royal Guardsman was still holding his own when a stately figure appeared from behind him. The new defender was medium tall with broad shoulders, and was not dressed as a Guardsman, but as a man of nobility. Thinking this unexpected arrival would be easy to deal with, one of the assassins broke off to face him alone. In this he was sadly mistaken. The nobleman parried his every move, quickly disarming him. The assassins found themselves facing two defenders that each appeared to match their entire group single-handedly. The leader, recognizing the noise from the swords would soon draw a horde of Guardsmen, ordered his men to withdraw. They turned for the outer walls. But the walls that they had worked so hard to penetrate now became their prison. The assassins found themselves cornered with the two defenders at their backs. Suddenly the whole courtyard was full of Guardsmen. In a quick response to their leader’s command, the assassins, who still had swords, raised them to the upright, a sign of surrender. The first Guardsmen on the scene ordered his comrades to surround the intruders. He then demanded their swords. They hesitated, as if unsure of the 2
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