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     the maids scrubbing the floor.            By the time they reached the throne room, the din of     the courtyard had faded far behind.  As they stepped inside,     the silence pounded in his ears.  When the large oak doors     shut behind them, the huge hall and the stillness within     mixed to give the feeling of a morgue.            Jacob found himself lagging behind as they     approached the throne, and he had to quicken his pace to     catch up.  He was sure the only sound in the room was     coming from his heart, which was trying to climb out his     throat.            Lord High Chamberlain didn’t even pause before the     queen, but took his place at her side as Jacob bowed     himself before her.            She was dressed in a long sleeping gown, which was     covered with a velvet robe.  Her robe was open slightly,     and her hair was disheveled.  He had never seen her this     way before.  Every other time he had been in her presence     she had always been dressed meticulously, and her hair     was impeccable.            The queen was facing away from him and did not     immediately look at him, but seemed deep in thought, as if     contemplating his demise.  Slowly, she turned toward him.     “You may rise, Captain.  Lord High Chamberlain informs     me that there was another attempted breach of security.”            “Yes, Your Majesty,” Jacob replied.            “If I am correct, that would be the fourth one already     this year,” she said.                                        9
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