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            “It is only a flesh wound,” Jacob replied.  “It’s not a     big deal.”            John frowned.  “You should have called for help.”            Jacob laughed.  “You try finding breath to call for     help while fighting four assailants.  I’m glad Lord High     Chamberlain got there when he did.”            “I can’t understand why Lord High Chamberlain     always seems to be one of the first ones there,” John said.            “That I can’t answer,” Jacob replied            “And why didn’t we hear them, and you did?”            Jacob grinned.  “That, my friend, is why I am     Captain of the Royal Guard, and you are a lieutenant.”            John laughed.  “And obviously your high academy     score didn’t have anything to do with it, nor the fact that     your father was Captain before you.”            Jacob looked amused behind his grinning eyes.  “ Of     course not!  It was all skill.”            John chuckled at his friend’s good natured conceit.     “Of course.  But I must admit, my friend, that I’d much     rather have you on my side  than against me.”            The sound of footsteps echoed on the cobblestone,     and they turned to see Edward returning.  He approached     and saluted.  “Sir, I’m afraid we will get very little from     them right now because we can’t understand them.  We     think they are from Esconodia.”            Jacob nodded his agreement.  “They look like they     are, and they are very good fighters - well trained.   Since     they were trying to enter the west wing they must have                                        4
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