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     request.  He motioned for what he wanted and all three     remaining swords were dropped to the ground.            As the sun started to break over the hills, the     ‘Captain’ insignia could plainly be seen on the shoulder of     the first Guardsman.  None of the men there were surprised     to see him at the front of the fight, willing and able to take     on multiple assailants.            Some of them were much more surprised at the     nobleman, though it wasn’t the first time he had come to     their aid.  For there, as in times past, standing stately before     them, was none other than Lord High Chamberlain, the     Prime Minister to the Queen.  Where had a nobleman     learned to fight like that?  Lord High Chamberlain took     charge of the prisoners, marching them off with the support     of most of the Royal Guard.            Soon, only three Royal Guardsmen were left -     Captain Richins and his two officers and best friends,     Lieutenant John Hashner and Sergeant Edward Elliston.            “Who were they?” John asked.            Jacob shrugged.  “ I don’t know.  I caught them     trying to sneak into the palace - the west wing.”            “What should we do with them, Sir?” Edward asked.            “Have them interrogated.  We must find out what     they wanted.”            Edward saluted and left to relay the command.  As he     disappeared from sight, John noticed that Jacob’s sleeve     was torn, blood oozing from the opening.  “You have a     wound, Sir.”                                        3
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