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                                  Chapter 1                                  The Attack                                      l            The sun was still far below the horizon, barely     putting a glimmer of light into the sky, when four men,     shrouded in black, darted across the palace courtyard.     How they got inside the walls of the palace was a mystery,     but they moved quickly, yet quietly, to the wall on the west     wing - the wing where the royal family lived.  A slight fog     concealed their movements.            Moving like muted shadows within the shadows,     they seemed to know their destination all too well.  They     slid quietly along the wall.  The leader retrieved a large     grapple hook from his sack.  Deftly he coiled the rope in     his left hand, taking the hook in the other.            He swung the hook, once, twice, three times to get     momentum, then let it fly toward the third floor balcony.  It     landed with a slight pinging sound.  He pulled it, but it     didn’t catch anything; instead, it fell at his feet onto the     cobblestone with another pinging sound.  He cursed quietly     as he started coiling the rope for another throw.            Suddenly, a figure appeared from the shadows     dressed in the blue of the Royal Guard.  He came with no     warning, moving quickly and with even more stealth than     the would-be assassins.  He was on them before they saw     him coming.            But there were four of them.  The leader of the     assassins continued to work the rope unabated as his                                        1
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