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            John rolled his eyes.  “Sir, you aren’t going to bore     us with thoughts by another dead man, are you?”            “Plato was one of the most interesting men that ever     lived,” Jacob replied.            Edward wagged his head.  “And he said he would     rather not have a monument than have people ask why he     had one.”            Jacob frowned.  “‘I would much rather have men ask     why I have no statue than why I have one,’ was by Cato the     Elder, the great Roman orator.”            “How about this one?” John said.  “Live for today     and forget what old people say.”            Jacob furrowed his brow.  “I’m not familiar with that     one.  Who said that?”            John pulled himself up tall, trying his best to act     regally.  “The Great John Hashner.”            John and Edward both laughed.  Jacob smiled as he     spoke.  “Great, John.  We’ll have it engraved on your     tombstone.”            John grinned.  “Well, if you won’t join us, we’ll be     leaving you.”            They saluted, and Jacob returned their salute.  They     went on their way, leaving him alone.  He was checking his     sword when Lord High Chamberlain came up quietly     behind him.  He stood there silently, then finally cleared     his throat and spoke.  “Captain?”            Jacob turned quickly and bowed, surprised that he     hadn’t heard Lord High Chamberlain’s approach.  “Yes,                                        6
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