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            I was able to do some maintenance and ground work     at our apartment to pay part of the rent, but we were still     struggling to make ends meet.  I continually searched for     extra work on the job board at the university, but what     work I could find would only last a weekend or two.  But     then came the day I saw Brenda’s ad.            “Wanted: An experienced horseman to help take     care of spirited race horses.  Weekend work and evenings     needed.  Must be able to haul hay and do other heavy     lifting and hard work.”            It sounded like the perfect job, and I was afraid     someone else would get it.  I hurried to one of the     university’s courtesy phones.  I only reached an answering     machine, so I left a message that included my home phone     number.            When I arrived home later in the evening, I anxiously     asked Hannah if anyone had called.  She paused to think a     moment.  “Yes, come to think of it, there was a call.  Some     lady named Brenda said she was returning your call.”            I quickly dialed the number, and this time I found her     at home.  She said that the job had been posted for a little     while, but I was the first to call and could have it if I     wanted it.  I gladly accepted, and we set up for me to meet     her on Saturday at the hay barn.            I arrived at the barn early.  When the appointed time     arrived and passed, I became concerned that I was at the     wrong place.  I rechecked the address, and I was sure I was     at the right place.  Almost an hour went by when, finally, a     big tan pickup pulled up.            A lady stepped out and approached me.  She carried                                        3
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