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            “Cashmere?  Like in a sweater?”  I asked.            She laughed.  “Yes, like the sweater.”            She then went on to tell me that Cashmere was not     only on his way already, but the men that she shipped him     with had called her from a rest stop in Ogden and said they     would be in Logan in about an hour.  “You are to meet     them at the gas station at 5000 West Main,” she said.            When I hung up the phone, Hannah was standing     behind me.  She had heard my end of the conversation, and     the worry showed in her face.  Her voice quivered slightly     as she spoke.  “Brenda didn’t go and buy a mean stallion     again, did she?”            I shrugged.  “I don’t know the whole story yet, but it     sounds like it.”            “But the last one . . .”            Her voice trailed off in anxious concern.  We both     remembered well the last one, but no one remembered     more than I did.                ********************************            I met Brenda not long after I had arrived in Cache     Valley.  When I came to Utah State University to attend     graduate school, the professor responsible for hiring     graduate students to teach called me to his office.  Even     though I had sent my application by certified mail months     before the deadline, he claimed it had arrived late, and for     that reason I hadn’t received the teaching fellowship they     had promised.  He said I could teach three classes instead     of the normal one to increase my salary, but that would still     only bring my pay up to half of what the others received on     their fellowships only teaching one class.                                        2
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