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            “Those are mine, too,” Brenda said.  “They should be     fine until we get more snow, and then you will need to start     bringing hay out here.  Also, their old barn needs some     work, and I want you to fix it up.”            As we finished for the day, I grabbed a piece of paper     and a pen from my pickup, and wrote a list of everything     Brenda wanted me to do.  There were barns to repair, hay     to haul when needed, and lots of fences to fix.  Those     things, along with the feeding, would be enough to     continually keep me busy.            For the next few weeks everything went well.     Brenda joined me on the weekend and often found more     things she wanted to have done.  She brought me lots of     old tin, nails, and other things to use in repairing the sheds.     One weekend she showed up with rolls of old, used net     wire.  I spent most of that day trying to straighten it enough     that it would be usable.            Most of the time when I climbed into Dader’s pen to     clean out his small barn, he ignored me.  But on the fourth     weekend, as I started this task, he stood at the other end of     his pen snorting and rearing.  I kept an eye on him, but he     didn’t come any closer.  I wondered if Jackie or Patches     had come into heat and was making him anxious.            The next two weeks he did the same thing, but     always kept his distance.  On the seventh weekend, Brenda     was gone, so I was working alone.  As usual, I climbed into     Dader’s pen to clean, and, this time, he didn’t seem anxious     at all.  He stood at the other end, chewing on a little bit of     hay I had given him.            I started cleaning.  I turned my back on him for only                                        7
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