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                                                        1                                                Horse Attack                                             It was Sunday                                      morning, and beautiful, as most                                      June days are in Utah.  My                                      wife, Hannah, and I, along with                                      our two little girls, had barely                                      come home from church when                                      our phone rang.  When I                                      answered it, I heard Brenda’s                                      voice on the other end of the                                      line, quivering with anxiety.  “I     am sending a horse to you, and he is dangerous and could     kill you, so be careful.”            “Brenda, are you sure you want to have that kind of     horse again?” I asked.            “It’s a long story,” she replied.  “I’ll tell you all about     it when I get there.  But meanwhile, take every precaution.     I don’t want you getting hurt, even if I lose the horse.  Just     put him in the pasture with the old mares and the gelding.”            “What if he fights with the gelding?”            Brenda said, “That old horse has been a gelding so     long, he probably doesn’t realize he’s not a mare.”            I wasn’t so sure.  From what I had seen watching     him, he seemed to think it was his herd.            Brenda then told me some more about the new horse.     She said his name was Cashmere.                                        1
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