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an instant when I heard a loud, angry snort directly behind me. I spun around to find him rearing with his front hooves directly over me. How he moved across the corral that fast, and without me hearing him, I had no idea, but the look in his eye told me he was not playing. I had no time to prepare before he came down, hitting me hard on my right shoulder with his hoof. The force of the blow slammed me to the ground, knocking the air from me and tumbling the pitchfork from my hand. Although I was too dazed to think, the adrenalin surged through me, and my heart started racing. He rose again to strike, and although my thoughts were jumbled and cloudy, I somehow knew that if he came down on me, he’d kill me. I rolled, and his hooves crashed down where I had lain. Again he rose to strike, but now my mind was starting to clear, and, along with the adrenaline increasing my speed, my thoughts raced for a way out of my predicament. That was when I saw the pitch fork. I rolled again, and once more his hooves crashed down where I had been. But this time I rolled toward the pitch fork. As he rose to strike once more, I reached out and grabbed the fork, and in a single motion swung the back of it, hitting him on the side of his head. It was barely enough for the force of the blow to twist his body one way and 8
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