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     but you appear to be out.  I was wondering if you could

     check and see if you have any more in the back.”

            The girl nodded.  “Sure.  I’ll just call over the

     intercom for someone to help you.  What is it called?”

            “Bag Balm.”

            The girl sat there, frozen in place, holding the

     intercom microphone in her hand.  I figured she must need

     more information.

            “I did see that you had the small size, as well as

     Udderly sMOOth, and Udder Butter.  But I wanted the

     super size container of Bag Balm.”

            Finally, the girl put the microphone down and glared

     at me.  “You’re kidding me about those names, aren’t you?

     You just wanted to see if I would make a fool of myself

     saying them over the intercom!”

            “Of course not.  I really need the Bag Balm.”

            “Right!” she said sarcastically.  “Let me call

     someone to help you.”

            She picked up the radio and informed someone that

     he was needed at the front.  A few seconds later a young

     man appeared.  The girl turned to me and spoke as if she

     was daring me to say it again.  “Why don’t you tell John

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