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                     The Farm And Ranch Store

            My cow decided she liked the neighbor’s lawn more

     than she like the hay I was feeding her, so she wiggled her

     way through the fence, causing a slight injury to her udder

     extremities.  Thus I found myself in need of some salve for

     her scrapes and scratches.

            I looked at the ad for the local Farm and Ranch store,

     and, as luck would have it, my favorite ointment was on

     sale.  I asked my wife, Donna, if she would go buy some.

     She told me she would prefer not to.  She has always

     seemed reluctant to shop there, and I have never

     understood why.  It is one of my favorite stores.  It is

     teeming with interesting items: saddles, bridles, animal

     feeds, and every other imaginable thing, and some a person

     couldn’t imagine.

            But I went ahead and made time in my schedule for

     the necessary stop.  When I arrived at the aisle where the
     salve should be, I found the ad size was sold out.  I made

     my way to the front of the store and approached one of the

     checkout girls.

            “I came to buy some salve that you had in your ad,

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