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     what you need.”

            I repeated my request, and John simply answered,

     “I’ll check in the shipment that came in today.”  As he left,

     the young lady stared after him.

            I moved aside as she helped a few other customers,

     and soon John was back.

            “I couldn’t remember if you said you wanted the Bag

     Balm, the Udderly sMOOth, or the Udder Butter, so I

     brought one of each.”

            He plopped them on the checkout stand, and the

     checkout girl stared with wide eyes.  She reached for one

     and held it in two fingers like it was toxic.  “You mean

     those are their actual names?”

            John frowned slightly.  “You’re new here, aren’t


            The girl nodded, and John just sighed as he spoke.

     “You’ll get used to it.”

            I had finally checked out and was turning to leave

     when an old cowboy approached the checkout stand and

     spoke to the same girl.  “I came in here to get my usual

     anti-itch powder, and either you’re out or you moved it.  I

     really hate it when you move things around in your store!”

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