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     oldest at 17 with a year and a half to two years between     each of us, except me and Willie.  Willie, who was two,     was three years younger than me.  John and Jason were     both in high school.  Daniel was in eighth grade, Mary was     in sixth, Josie was in fourth, and Albert was in second.             Once we were all in, we started rolling slowly along.     Soon we reached the river and traveled the road that     rambled along it.  I was one of the youngest in the family,     and since the car didn’t have enough seats, I had to sit on     someone’s lap.  I hate sitting on another person’s lap,     except that I can sit by a window, and I do like that.  I     mostly like watching the river, because there are so many     interesting things to see, especially in the spring.            With the window slightly down I could hear the birds     singing.  It was still early March, so chunks of ice were     floating down the river, but the sun was shining, and they     would soon be melted.  Although the ground was mostly     white as far as I could see, patches of brown dirt showed     through here and there on the south side of the trees and     buildings where the sun was warmest.            Every once in a while, I could hear the honking of     geese winging their way back from the south, and I even     saw a swan.   They are so pretty as they mark out their     territory and defend it from intruders.            On one stretch of the river, I could see a beaver dam     under construction.  I hoped to catch a glimpse of the     beaver that was building it, but that never happened.  The     farmers often cuss the beavers because they fill irrigation     canals with dams that block the water flow.  But I think     they are interesting animals, not because I have seen that     many, but because I can’t seem to build a dam that will     hold water, even in our small irrigation ditches.
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