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                                        1                          A Pup Named Tippy            Cats are dumb animals.  The tame ones are,     anyway.  Most of the cats around our farm are wild, but my     sisters dress up the few that aren’t in little doll clothes, put     them in wicker baskets, and take them for walks like they     are babies.  The cats put up with this, and that’s why I     know they are dumb animals.  You wouldn’t find a dog     putting up with that.  Dogs are much smarter than cats.            I wanted a dog for as long as I can remember, which     must be close to an eternity.  I don’t know how long an     eternity is, but I figure it must be about six years, since that     is how old I am.   Okay, so I’m not six yet, but I will be     come summer.  That’s old enough to have a dog.  I begged     and pleaded with my Dad for a dog.            “Why don’t you go play with the cats?” he asked.            That’s when I had to tell him that I think cats are     dumb animals.  Besides, have you ever heard of a cat     coming when you whistle or running with you to chase
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