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     butterflies?  Have you ever heard of a cat going hunting     with you or stalking game?  I’m sure you haven’t, and     neither have I, except for an occasional mouse, and what     kind of an adventure is that?  A five-year-old boy needs     adventure, and a cat, well, that is just ludicrous.  I’m not     quite sure what that word means, but Mom always says it     when she wants to tell someone how silly something is.            Anyway, I needed some adventure.  When our     television worked, I would watch astronauts preparing to     go to the moon.  President Kennedy said we wanted to get     there before the Russians.  I think the Russians are from     Mars or something.  I saw a movie about people from Mars     coming to earth and they weren’t very nice.  I’m sure that     is why President Kennedy doesn’t want them on the moon.            Someday I will be an astronaut.  I asked my Dad if     there were astronauts where we live.  He said the astronauts     lived in Florida, and that it is a long way from Idaho.  So I     suppose I will have to wait until I am older.            I thought I could be a cowboy.  Dad had been a     cowboy when he was younger, and we watched John     Wayne on the television sometimes.  But a cowboy has to     have guns, and my mom won’t even let me have toy ones.     When I pretend to be a cowboy, I have to use a stick for my     gun.  There’s not much adventure in that.            That only leaves a dog.  A boy can have a lot of     adventure with a dog.  But I had asked my dad for a dog a     billion times, give or take a few, and I had never gotten     anywhere.  I figured my dad never had a dog, and so he     didn’t know how important they are. Then one day, as I     was looking at some old pictures, I came across one of a     boy standing beside the biggest dog I had ever seen.  The     dog stood nearly as tall as the boy.  Next to them was a
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