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                           The Ten Speed Bike                                       l            I had never seen anything like it.  It was shiny, red,     and it had ten speeds.  I was sure it was the most beautiful     bike in the world.  I looked at my ugly, orange, girl’s one-     speed bike, a hand-me-down from the stone age, and     suddenly I felt very envious.  It wasn’t that my bike didn’t     work well; it did.  In fact, it was so sturdy it wouldn’t break     down in a head-on collision with a train, because it was     built like a Humvee and weighed twice as much.  But this     new bike was light and fast.            We boys all gathered around to stare at it.  It     belonged to our new neighbor, “Rod”, who had just moved     into the area.  “Wow!  That’s a beauty!” Lenny said,     running his hand along the sleek steel.            “Where did you get it?” Butch asked.            “A K-Mart in Salt Lake City,” Rod answered.            “What’s a K-Mart?” Buster queried.            “It’s bigger than any store you have around here,”     Rod replied.  “In fact, you could probably fit ten stores the     size of the grocery store inside of it.”            The grocery store was the biggest store in the area,     and by the look on some of the other boys’ faces, I could                                        1
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