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     barn.  We rode to Lenny’s house, and each of us took our     bikes and made the jump.  We all watched Rod to see what     he would do.  He rode away about 50 yards, turned, and     flew down the road toward us.  He sailed off of the jump,     air born for much longer than any of us, and then slid to a     stop in a shorter distance.  We all whistled our admiration.            The other boys kept nudging me, so finally I asked.     “Can I give it a try?”            Rod was new there, and he paused, his reluctance     apparent, but he didn’t want to give up the chance to make     new friends.  He hesitantly handed it over.  To the other     boys’ cheering I went down the road about a hundred     yards, turned, and headed at full speed toward the ramp.  I     had never felt such speed and power.  As I launched into     the air, I felt as if I truly was flying, and I sailed farther     even then Rod had.  When I landed, I started pedaling     backward to bring myself to a stop, but nothing happened.            The barn was approaching fast and fear choked the     scream in my throat.   Just seconds before impact, I heard     Rod yell “Squeeze the handbrake!  Squeeze the     handbrake!”            After the collision, Rod came over and grabbed his     bike, which was snapped in the middle.  He yelled at me,                                        3
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