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Insights Into The Scriptures – The Book of Mormon – The Jaredites
Both Mormon and Moroni felt a great need to include the story of the ancient civilization of the Jaredites in the Book of Mormon. Not only are there great things to learn from the book of Ether, but there are fascinating scientific studies that give much insight into these people and what we can learn from them. This is a look at this great civilization drawn from the works of the author and others to give a deeper understanding about these people.
Ideas that will be considered include:
  1. What clues do we have that might give an idea as to what the Jaredites might have looked like?
  2. What makes their culture so different from ours?
  3. Where did the Jaredites possibly travel?
  4. What unusual concepts and customs do we see in the book of Ether?
  5. Why is the brother of Jared not named?