Born To Run, Live to be Free
Born To Run, Live to be Free
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Born To Run, Live to be Free

    In this new book in the Under Open Skies series, Tom Johnson is in his early 20’s and struggling to make it through college and take care of his little family. Due to the stress created by the overload of class work, the challenges of having very little money, and the limited amount of time for his family, he often feels trapped by his circumstances.

     To try to earn some extra money to help out with his family income, he procures a job taking care of horses. When the lady he works for buys a famous old racehorse, Tom starts to see the world and his situation somewhat differently. In sensing the old stallion’s trust in him, learning from friends and those around him, Tom begins to realize that prisons can be made as much from our attitudes and decisions as they can be from cement and steel, and that challenges can be good. That is when he begins to understand what true freedom really is.

If you love horses and great stories, this book is for you.

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