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            Life’s Outtakes is a column carried weekly in     newspapers and magazines across the United States,     Canada, and other places.  If you are a publisher and would     like to carry these stories, please feel free to contact the     author by visiting the website: and choosing the “contact     us” button.            Would you like to see Life’s Outtakes column     running in your local paper or magazine?  Suggest it to the     editor of your local paper.  If an editor runs the Life’s     Outtakes column due to your suggestion we will send you     one of Daris Howard’s books of your choice, signed by the     author.  Find out more by contacting us at:                   Read other stories, purchase more books, or sign up for a                    short story each week by going to                  Dear Reader,            People often ask me if my stories are true.  Though I     must admit that I tend to take a bit of literary license in my     writing, each story is based on an actual event.  Sometimes the     stranger stories are the ones that are stretched the least.  As     people often say, truth is stranger than fiction.            I also want to note that some of the names have been     changed to protect the anonymity of the individuals.     Daris Howard
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