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Chapter 1 l The Sentencing “The court finds the defendants guilty of assault and theft as charged,” Judge Jensen said, looking over her glasses at the three young men. “Do the defendants have any final words in regard to this matter?” Justin, a tall, wiry teenager, stood up. “Go ahead and make us sit in jail a few days. Who cares?” “Justin, sit down,” the defense attorney demanded. The other two young men snickered. The judge scowled. “You boys don’t seem to feel that this crime is any big deal.” Justin didn’t even try to hide his smirking. “Okay, so we swiped a few kids’ Halloween candy. Big deal. Guys do it all the time.” The exasperation began to rise in the judge’s voice. “Young man, just because others do something does not make it right. You do not seem to realize that some children have very little to look forward to. Simple things like Halloween candy mean a lot to them.” Justin rolled his eyes. “So go ahead and give us 1
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