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     my finger for quite a long time as if to say, “I love you,     Daddy,” and I told her I loved her too.            That was the last time I would be able to tell her that     in this life, because the next morning, Christmas day, due     to complications from the chicken pox, she had gone to     spend Christmas with God.            These are my two Christmas angels and to them     especially, as well as to the rest of my family that I love so     much, I dedicate this book.     Daris Howard            Special thanks to my wife, Donna, for all of her     support and help editing. Also thanks to Joan Haeberle,     Stephanie Ashcraft, Lisa Bird, and others who have helped     with editing, proofreading, and encouragement.          Also a thanks to our cast and theatre patrons who helped     make my play of The Three Gifts a success and encouraged     me to write this book.
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