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            My wife and I spent an evening with some of my     high school friends and their wives shortly after we were     all married and we talked of past events in life.  The     conversation turned to one Halloween when my three     friends stole some children’s Halloween candy.  I was not     with them on this escapade, but listened to their telling of it     and how embarrassed they were.            This event, plus some things that have happened to     me and those I have known, gave me the basis for this     book.  I hope my friends, family, and the students I have     taught over the years can enjoy reading this book as much     as I did writing it.  May we all feel the three gifts of     Christmas in our own lives.     Daris Howard            I would like to dedicate this book to my family, and     especially to two of my daughters.  On the December 23,     1996, we had a stillborn daughter.  As we sat in the     hospital room and her still little body was placed in our     arms, I thought about my sweet little Tracy and wondered     what kind of life she would have had if she had lived.            Just two years later, as we were trying to adopt our     beautiful little nineteen-month-old foster daughter, whom     we called Angel, she came down with chicken pox.            We always reenact the Christmas story as a family.  I     usually have a starring role as the donkey.  However, on     that Christmas Eve Angel wanted her “Daddy” and I sat on     the couch with her curled up in my arms.            I remember tucking her into bed that night and     reaching out to brush her beautiful blond hair from her     face.  She reached out her chubby little hand and held onto
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