Page 9 - Super Cowboy Rides Again
P. 9

Breakfast was over too soon, and we headed to
Grandma’s. I was still hungry, and to make matters
worse, I knew I was in for a full, hard day of work.
Going to Grandma’s was always that way, and I got
more than my fair share of working there. My dad told
me I was not big enough to do a lot of the heavy work
at home, but I could do most of what Grandma needed
to have done.

      But I knew there was more to it than that.
Sometimes I would have mishaps at home, and when
my parents were not aware that I was listening, they
would say that I should go help Grandma so she could
keep me busy and out of trouble.

      Dad dropped me off, and with a quick word to
Grandma, he headed to work. Grandma never spent a
lot of time saying hello, and she immediately took me to
see the splotches on the outside walls of her house. Her
house was built on a corner lot in town with an old alley
on one side just beyond her rundown, detached garage.

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