Page 6 - Super Cowboy Rides Again
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                                  Rotten Eggs and Skunks

             When I asked

                                Grandma what we were
doing, she growled as she replied. “We are diggin’
someone’s grave.”

      That didn’t help at all. In fact, her reply confused
me more than ever. And what did the skunk have to do
with it?

      But Grandma was an interesting lady, and not one
many people dared to cross. Once, when I mentioned to
Old Mr. Silverstein that I had to go help Grandma, he
said, “That’s too bad. She’s as tough as nails and
somewhat rustier.” I wasn’t sure what he meant, but I
knew that helping her was not my favorite thing to do.

      Being almost seven years old, I was feeling all
grown up, and there were many other things that were

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