Page 10 - Super Cowboy Rides Again
P. 10

The splotches were on the two sides facing the roads
and on the side near the garage and alley. The only side
that wasn’t hit was the side that faced the fence dividing
Grandma’s property from Mrs. Crabby’s.

      I knew that Mrs. Crabby wasn’t really her name,
but I didn’t know what her real name was. Grandma
and Mrs. Crabby didn’t get along, and that’s what
Grandma called her. I heard that at one time they had
been best friends, but it was hard to believe.

      Armed with a rag and a bucket of warm water
containing a strong mixture of soap that stung my nose,
I was set to scrubbing the splotches on the side near the
garage. Grandma had me scrub that side so she could

                                              keep an eye on
                                              me while she
                                              worked. She
                                              didn’t want me to
                                              wander into the
                                              shade of the old

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