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            In a style reminiscent of early Richard Peck, Daris     Howard introduces us to Tommy Johnson, super cowboy     and super storyteller. The reader is invited to share in the     many first-hand adventures of a five to six-year-old boy     raised on a dairy farm in southeast Idaho during the     economically hard 1960s. But our guide has everything any     super cowboy could want: parent to love and guide him     and brothers to help him get into and out of trouble.     -- Julie Clark (Children’s Literature Professor at BYU     Idaho)                         nd             From a 2  grade teacher and her students:     “Teachers are always looking for a realistic way to teach     children about bullying. This is a great resource and a great     story. This was such a fun book.” -- Peggy Hawkins,     Teacher, Lincoln Elementary     “It was the best book I ever read. It was funny too.” -- Kai     “I liked it because it showed a hard life and because it was     hilarious. I love Super Cowboy Rides.” -- Elliana     “Super Cowboy Rides was the best book I have ever     heard. Super Cowboy Rides is an awesome book.” -- Kim
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