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                              Advanced Praise                     for SUPER COWBOY RIDES            “The little boy, Tommy, reminds me of Calvin from     the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip by Bill Watterson     because of his mischievousness. It is such a fun book to     read!"  -- Celese Sanders (syndicated columnist of “Little     Bits Of Life”)            “Super Cowboy Rides reminds me of when I was a     boy and we would visit my grandparents' farm in Utah     where my cousins would try, in a loving way, to kill me. It     has a ring of authenticity that could only be accomplished     by growing up on a farm or ranch. I loved each chapter, but     once I reached the end of the book I realized I had been     taught some important lessons. This is a book that boys     will love as well as girls who look for the good in     everyone.” -- Jack Weyland (Author of “Charlie” and     other Y.A. novels.)            "This is the perfect family trip ‘read out loud’     book. You are on the edge of your seat the entire time     wondering what this little cowboy will do next! We     laughed so hard, and my 8-year-old kept begging me to not     stop reading. This book reels you in from the first     page. We will be adding this fantastic book to our home     library." -- Stephanie Ashcraft  (New York Times best-     selling author)
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