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                             Value For Value                                       l            I watched as a man walked up to the donation     table.  “Would you like to donate?” the lady asked.            “Giving something for nothing ain’t our way,” the     man replied.  “We give value for value.  But I did bring     in some fudge that my wife made for the baked food     table.”            He plopped it in front of the lady who was     tagging such things.  He stayed there and watched as     she put a price on it.            “Ten dollars?” he said, almost in disgust.  “You     ain’t never tasted my wife’s fudge, have you?  Ten     dollars don’t even come close to how good it is.”            “What price do you think we should put on it?”     the woman at the table asked.            “I don’t think you should sell that fudge for less     than 25 dollars,” he replied.            “But I’m not sure it will sell priced that high,” the     lady answered.            “Oh, it will sell,” the man answered.  “I can     guarantee it.”            The lady looked doubtful, but changed the price.                                        1
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